Maestranzi Family History

The Maestranzi family has been providing knife sharpening services for four generations that date back over a hundred years ago in Trentino, Italy. In 1926, they traveled to Chicago to pursue the Knife business. What started on a horse and wagon, the Maestranzi’s progressed to a truck mounted with two motors, one powering the grinding wheels. There is a definite skill to sharpening a blade that automation hasn’t been able to master. The machine thins the blade, while the finish is done by hand on a revolving grinding stone for a perfect finish. Each knife is sharpened on a various edge, due to the different functionality of each knife. The craft of the grinder gets into the Maestranzi blood and is passed on from generation to generation.

John Maestranzi Sr. started working in the family business since he was 8 years old. Quickly learning the ins and outs of the knife business, John used his knowledge and family tradition to help the business grow. He said, “In order to succeed, a service business must not only provide a quality product in a convenient manner, but must do so in order to be cost effective”. We take great pride in our “Old World Craftsmanship” and it shows in our product and service. Each knife is edged and honed by hand. The method is more time consuming than high production machine sharpening methods used by others, but results in a truly superior knife edge – sharper and more durable. A sharper knife cuts more smoothly which means added safety for your employees.

John has passed his legacy onto his sons Anthony, Nick, and Johnny. They continue to uphold the traditional values, the Maestranzi name has provided for many years. Whether it’s your local butcher shop or a complete restaurant chain, Maestranzi Sons is dedicated to providing the best quality and service.